About Us

LexelPAF is part of the Lexel group. Lexel has been providing software and website applications for over 3 years - with clients like Virgin, TomTom, Southend United Football Club and Oxford University.

 Lexel are a rapidly expanding company, which focuses purely on customer satisfaction. In just under 3 years Lexel has had great success and has worked with a number of major global brands.

When building products we focus purely on making it as easy as possible for you, the customer, to integrate. We found that a lot of other Address Finder’s were difficult to integrate. When we built the LexelPAF our mission was to build a reliable service that was super simple to integrate, which we have succeeded in doing.

  • LexelPAF can deliver address in less than 0.01 seconds

    LexelPAF delivers addresses quickly and makes your website look more professional.

  • We have over 28 million records

    We search over 28 million records in 0.01 seconds, now that is quick!

  • We supply latest full data that Royal Mail supplies

    We use the latest Royal Mail PAF data - this means all address data is up-to-date and current.

  • 23% of consumers don't fill in a form if PAF is not present
  • LexelPAF Adds more professionalism
  • On average 10% of customer addresses change ever year
  • 99.99% availability and up-timeā€ 
  • PAF reduces keystrokes by 80%
  • Free trial with no obligation