Address Finder Integration

We found that a lot of the other Address Finder's were hard to integrate. Here at Lexel we have made it as easy as possible to integrate our service into your existing software or platform. We also have flexible licencing available.

On the right you can see our Developer’s guide, this will show you how to integrate our service. This developer’s guide could be given to any developer and they could integrate our service within a couple of hours. 

If you’re using Magento then we’ve got an extension that you can install for free, this is available here.

If you need assistance with integration then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download Developer Guides Here!

Download the LexelPAF PDF Integration guide.

Download Magento Extension

If you have a Magento store you can use our Magento plugin, click on the link above and install the extension.

Download Template ASP Code Here!

If your using Classic ASP, you can use this code as a starting point.

Download Template PHP Code Here!

If your using PHP, download the PHP template above, which will help integrate LexelPAF.