Postcode Address Finder

LexelPAF is an address auto-fill and validation service from Lexel. We search over 85 million royal mail records to quickly get you a full address from a postcode.

Why use LexelPAF?

- We offer 99.99% availability

- Reduce expensive address errors

- Improve professionalism

- Allow faster data entry


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We offer a complete no obligation trial, so you can test our service and make sure you are happy with our service.

  • Free trial with no obligation

    We believe in giving people a completely (no obligation) trial, to see if you like our service.

  • Deliver address in less than 0.01 seconds

    Our servers are UK based and deliver an address in less than 0.01 seconds. You also have the option of choosing SSL for a completely secure data connection.

  • 28 Million Royal Mail Records

    We search across 28 million royal mail records for you. We update the database reguarly so you don't ever have to do anything!

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