Postcode Address Finder API

The Lexel Postcode Address Finder API is an essential tool for any online business that wants to look credible, professional and above all else, trustworthy. For a customer going through the checkout process, being able to locate and confirm their address without having to type out the whole thing themselves is a reassurance that leads to more sales. 

In fact it has been shown that if a postcode address finder is not present in a form, almost a quarter of consumers do not fill it out. Now that is a drop in potential income that now company wants. We know that some of the Postcode Address Finder API solutions out there are not always the easiest to integrate into your existing site or software, but ours is as simple and straightforward as they come – try our free, no obligation demo and see for yourself.

There are Postcode Address Finder API template options for people using Classic ASP, a PHP code version and even a dedicated Magento plugin for people and businesses using that particular platform. If you have any doubts or questions on how the Postcode Finder API would integrate with your site, please either get in touch with us via phone or email or download our Developer’s Guide for more detailed information.

We believe in gathering only the very latest data (if it isn’t right up to date, then there isn’t a great of point in keeping it, is there?) and to that end our Postcode Address Finder API ensures that your address information is always up-to-date and, by definition, at its most valuable for any sales or marketing efforts that you want to use it in conjunction with.

We work alongside hundreds of clients, helping them improve their conversion rates, reduce delivery issues and give their business that real professional look, all by keeping their address information right up-to-date using the Postcode Address Finder API.

The Postcode Address Finder API is a must have for businesses looking to gather data, improve their customers’ sales experience and the ease with which purchases and submissions can be made. 

Not quite enough to convince you? Then give our trial system a go completely free of charge with no obligation and you will see that the Postcode Address Finder API is the perfect partner for your business.

  • LexelPAF can deliver address in less than 0.01 seconds

    LexelPAF delivers addresses quickly and makes your website look more professional.

  • We have over 28 million records

    We search over 28 million records in 0.01 seconds, now that is quick!

  • We supply latest full data that Royal Mail supplies

    We use the latest Royal Mail PAF data - this means all address data is up-to-date and current.

  • 23% of consumers don't fill in a form if PAF is not present
  • LexelPAF Adds more professionalism
  • On average 10% of customer addresses change ever year
  • 99.99% availability and up-timeā€ 
  • PAF reduces keystrokes by 80%
  • Free trial with no obligation